Smartwatch and handset .klatz

.klatz: smartwatch and handset
We’d like to create something completely different: A smart bracelet with an LED screen that transforms into handset

.klatz is a smartwatch that doubles as a comfortable handset for your smartphone

Taking calls is now as easy as touching your wrist. Forget about digging your huge smartphone out of your pocket or bag to answer calls. View the caller ID on the LED screen, take .klatz off your wrist and flip it open to accept the call.

We use CSR8670 by CSR for maximum sound quality (Bluetooth 4.0 compatible).

Biggest battery (600-1200mAh) among smartwatches and longest battery life

A curved battery fits in the lower half of the smartwatch. It holds a charge for 10 days in normal mode and for one month in energy-saving mode.

Attractive, smart and elegant timepiece

The LED screen displays the time while the device is charging on a sleek stand. It makes for an elegant desk accessory.

.klatz Is a trendy, sophisticated and classy fashion accessory

With a design that inspired by Minimalist Art, .klatz is an art object.

.klatz main features

Design: minimalist on the outside, packed with features inside

Wearable devices need to look smart, sophisticated and make a statement because they are conspicuous. We’ve incorporated the best design elements in .klatz to give it an air of mystery.

A bold and refined style statement for both men and women, .klatz brings together cutting-edge technology and fashion.

LED Screen: 12×32 LED display 

A futuristic LED screen with 384 LEDs that glows when it shows the time is one of the many features that set our smartwatch apart. .klatz achieves an exquisite balance between design and technology.

Build quality: scratch-resistant plastic body with anti-scratch surface and metal base. Lightweight body and refined lines complement its aluminum sides and internal parts that are designed using hypoallergenic soft-touch material.

Where are we now ?

With each day, the mass production of .klatz is getting closer and closer. While there is plenty of work to be done, 90% of device engineering is complete. Software is just as important as hardware. Basic functions of the firmware have already been implemented, but we want to make it better. All this takes time and testing as we are designing client applications for iOS and Android. We have also found and selected a factory as well as backup options to manufacture the device.

Project Timeline

We are not alone in the creation of .klatz

We are getting ready for mass production and the support of our partners is invaluable to us.

Our story

Dmytro: “I wanted a phone that fit snugly in my hand for a long time. I began to think,buy and test different devices 3-4 years ago. Another challenge was the accumulator as only a small one could be fitted into the smartwatch.”Roman: “When Dmitry described the problem with the phone he wanted and showed me a prototype scheme in which some semblance of a headset is removed from the bracelet, I asked, “Do you want to uncover the bracelet?” His reaction was worth seeing!”

The design of the device was a real and sudden inspiration. We drew it on paper and sculpted it from special plastic the next day. Then, we asked our friend (the engineer) to draw a model for printing it in plastic and understood how convenient a device like this could be. Then, we started searching for partners whose competence would empower us to make these high quality smartwatch. The results you can see are in this campaign.

KLATZ INC. is registered in USA: 3500 S DUPONT HWY, DOVER, DE, 19901.

Our R&D office located in Cherkassy, Ukraine. You can contact us directly.

Why we need your help

We have produced several prototypes that will soon be ready for mass production. Molds, firmware revisions and mass production require investments, which are a challenge for a small company like ours. Our goal is to make .klatz as perfect as possible. This is where you come in. Your contribution will accelerate the development, increase the numbers of factory orders and help us create a special and truly remarkable device.

Perks for our supporters

Use of funds:

• Firmware Refinement

• App Design and Improvements

• Production Tooling

• Certifications – FCC, CE, Bluetooth

Risks & Challenges

1. Engineering is more complicated than phone or strap watch construction. But, the experience of our partners will help us overcome these difficulties.

2. Production time may be delayed. We have deep experience, however, with speeding up the development process on many projects. This will help us meet our production and delivery deadlines with .klatz.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the news of this project if you like it and are willing to help.


1. Is the unit in the video a real and working prototype or is it a photorealistic 3D model?

All the photos and videos uploaded by our company were of the actual prototype. Earlier, we had 3D-renderings of the device on the site. But photos of the real .klatz are different and are much better than the 3D-renderings.

2. I would like to know how “production ready” you are.

90% of the engineering is complete. We are getting it ready for mass production. Our goal is to give you with the most perfect product, which is why we need time to refine and test the firmware.

3. What sizes will .klatz be available in?

.klatz will be available in 4 sizes. At the end of the campaign, each contributor will receive an email with instructions on how to try it on your wrist and select the size. These instructions will also be on our website.

4. Can this smart watch be used to answer calls?

Yes, it can. .klatz is a smartwatch that has a microphone and speaker. You can answer calls comfortably.

5. How scratch resistant is. klatz? Does this come with any scratch protection?

.klatz body is designed in such way that the metal edges protect it from contact with surfaces. Additionally, the body is made from the most scratch-resistant plastic.

6. Any chance of making .klatz an always-on device? Can it show the clock all the time?

This would greatly reduce the battery life. .klatz is a fast, gesture-activated device, which makes using it a lot more convenient.

7. Is .klatz waterproof?

.klatz is not completely waterproof. The construction make this impossible, but at the same time, it can withstand accidental splashes and dust.

8. Can you make the clock face editable, like on the Pebble smartwatch?

Yes, the time display and its animation can be edited.

9. Will apps run natively/independently on the watch or will a companion app always be required?

.klatz will display the time, show notifications from iOS devices, provide activity tracking, offer music player control and allow users to receive and make calls without the client application. Other functions will require the availability of client application on your smartphone.

10. What platforms will work with .klatz?

.klatz will come with support for iOS and Android. One of our goals is supporting Windows Phones in the future. .klatz can also work in headset mode with any phone that has Bluetooth 2.1.

11. What Bluetooth are you using? I heard that Bluetooth LE is much more economical, do you use it?

Depending on the .klatz operating mode and model of your smartphone, LE or BR / EDR Bluetooth can be selected.

12. Are you planning on making the development SDK available for download?

This is one of our goals. .klatz can be used as a screen for third-party applications on your smartphone and client application scripts can expand its functionality.

13. What’s the front and rear screen visibility in bright sunlight like?

The screen brightness is adjustable and is good enough even for use in direct sunlight.

14. How will you avoid problems with shipping? (Pebble stopped shipping to Germany because of custom issues due to improper CE certification/documentation)

Certification is one of the stages of device development. We will make every effort to avoid such problems.

14. The screens on campaign images light up in different colors. Why?

In fact, they are all the same color. All images in this campaign and on the website were taken without incorporating any computer graphics. We have built our LED screen, which is why the color is slightly different when shooting photos and videos in different conditions.

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