Research Engineer – Electronics Design

Full Time job at Siemens in Bangalore in Research Engineer – Electronics Design

What are my responsibilities?

As a Research Engineer in RTC’s Electronics and Embedded Processing Group, you will be required to:

Work as an individual contributor on innovative research projects or critical development projects.
Analyze technical requirements of project goals.
Be a “Hands On Technologist”, with the ability and willingness to translate system level specifications described by relevant stakeholders into working circuits and prototypes.
Test, validate and characterize prototypes.
Generate intellectual property in business-relevant technology areas. Publish research in international well-known journals and conferences.
Design product solutions based on customer requirements.
Take part in other assigned team initiatives from time to time.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

You are required to possess:

A Master’s degree in electronics or related discipline and 1-3 years of relevant experience.
Sound knowledge of microcontroller, DSP, FPGA architectures – You must be capable of selecting and choosing a part (DSP, FPGA, µC) best suited for an application given the requirements for the same.
Good knowledge of various components of an embedded system – memories, RTCs, watchdogs, power sequencing circuits , UARTs, display systems, etc .
Good knowledge of digital design concepts – you must be capable of designing glue logic for interfacing peripheral components with the main processing unit. Awareness of concepts like timing, hazards, race conditions, set up and hold violations, clock skew, jitter, use of FIFOs for buffering and flow control, etc. Awareness of high speed digital design problems.
Sound knowledge of embedded communication protocols and interface methodologies – a good knowledge of embedded serial communication protocols like I2C, SPI and various other peripheral interface options and methods.
Capability of understanding and designing sensor interface and analog signal conditioning circuits. Ability to work with opamps, comparators, voltage references, ADCs & DACs.
Working knowledge of power supply design for embedded systems. In particular, a good understanding of LDOs, stability issues, switched mode DC-DC converters. Awareness of the issues involved in the design of power supplies/distribution networks for digital and low noise analog systems.
Ability to work with schematic capture tools (preferably OrCAD) and circuit simulation tools like Pspice.
Knowledge of signal and power integrity issues at the circuit board level – ringing, cross talk, transmission line effects, decoupling issues, controlled impedance etc., Ability to develop a design that takes these factors into account.
Familiarity with the use of test and measurement equipment like DSOs, LAs, multi-meters, function generators.
A good understanding of the multilayer PCB design process and capability of working with the layout to enable first time right designs and prototypes.
Working knowledge of electronic circuit design using discrete electronic components (BJTs, FETs, diodes, RLC, etc.)
Working knowledge of design for EMC, DFA, DFM, DFT.
Strong circuit building, prototyping and troubleshooting skills.

What else do I need to know?

This job opening involves working on challenging electronic design activities across a variety of domains relevant to Siemens business interests. You will work in a technology focused, domain agnostic environment. You will be required to adapt quickly to new domains and solve design challenges associated with them. You must have excellent communication and technical writing skills. You must work well in a team and should demonstrate clear and focused thinking and action.

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