This Project uses Ultrasound to measure distance. Measured distance is displayed on LCD. You can use this digital output data in making many interesting projects such as accident proof vehicle or Robots, object identifier,  Sonar (detection of objects under water) etc.

Sound is a mechanical vibration transmitted by an elastic medium. Ultrasound are of frequencies greater than 20,000 Hz. Human can only hear approximately between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz.

The speed of sound travels depends on the medium which it passes through. In the air speed is approximately 345 m/s, in water 1500 m/s and in a bar of steel 5000 m/s. So we can use ultrasound and by calculating Time we can find distance. This type of range finding is also called Sonar. Sonar works similarly to Radar. To measure the distance of a sound ravelled, it needs to be reflected.

distance = time  X  velocity.

In this project you will need Transducer and Sensors for Ultrasound Transmission and Detection. One such Transceivers is HC-SR04 Module. These devices typically transmit a short burst of ultrasonic sound toward a target and detect sound back to the sensor. Beside this you will need Arduino Board and 16×2 LCD Display.

Distance-Measurement-By-Ultrasound                                                    Picture of our Distance Measurement using Ultrasound

Parts used:

a) Arduino Controller Board

b) Ultrasound Module HC-SR04

c) 16X2 LCD


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