Zigbee is a wireless connection network that is used to connect different devices at a frequency of 2.4GHz. For medical applications also this Zigbee is widely used. The Zigbee can communicate with the devices of about 1km. The other network is GSM network. This can be operated from any distance to any point of control. The communication is done with the help of local network support. This can get communicated to any part of the world which the network of the local system is applicable. Here we are using for the hospital communication for monitoring the patient.


In case of emergency and dangerous situations we have to alert the doctor immediately. For this we are using a Zigbee based network for doctor to patient communication in the hospital and even to communicate and indicate the status of the patient through SMS. This way of communication is actually done with Zigbee network topology and with the GSM network. Each patient will be given this module and with the help of this module the patient health condition is monitored and if there is any change in the condition of the heath then it immediately sends that changed data through Zigbee to the local system where the main module is connected to the computer to maintain the status of the patient. The same information is transfer as message to GSM to the corresponding or the relevant person. In this we check the patient’s health condition by monitoring the heart beat. The heart beat is monitored with the pulse rate of the body. The high intensity light sensor senses the expansion and contraction of the heart with the help of the nerves. That beam will transmit the signal to the receiver and the minuet change in the pulse is noticed as the heart beat. If there is any change in the pulses then it is noticed as the change in the heart and then the controller will get a disturbed pulse count which indicates the fault or malfunction of the heart. The controller is fixed for a no. of pulses initially. If there is any change in the any of the pulse count then it considers as a malfunction of the heart and then it transmits the pulse count with the patients ID to the doctor in the hospital and at the same to it sends a sms to a fixed number in the microcontroller. This is convenient process to monitor the patients health conditions form any of the distance we present. Since we are using both the networks like Zigbee and GSM this makes the user to communicate for internal system and as well as to the longer distances.

After that we are adding another two sensors for human. The precision in body heat measure is +0.5degree centigrade and in blood pressure measure is +1mmhg.

Parameters of body heat and blood pressure were acquired practically for experiment. Measured the body heat through lm35 temperature sensor And   blood pressure is mesaured with omron blood-pressure meter. This is convenient process to monitor the patients health conditions form any of the distance we present. We are using both the networks like Zigbee and GSM this makes the user to communicate for internal system and as well as to the longer distances.

The main aim of the project is to detect the a live human. Here to detect the human beings we use the pir sensor. This pir sensor can detect the infrared rays released by human body motion within the detection area.

In this paper a new pressure sensor-based electronic device for the analysis of lung sounds has been designed and prototyped. The device allows the effective auscultation, the accurate processing and the detailed visualization (temporal and frequency graphs) of any lung sound. Moreover it is suitable for the continuous real-time monitoring of breathing functions, resulting very useful to diagnose respiratory pathologies. It provides medical specialists with a totally non-invasive high-engineering device able to detect and analyze the widest number of data for the monitoring of the respiratory system by the simple recording and evaluation of lung sounds being a substantiated correlation between lung sounds and diseases.

Tactile sensing techniques may distinguish tumor from healthy tissue and have potential for intraoperative brain tumor diagnosis. The aim of this study is to develop a biocompatible real-time sensing system to measure tactile information such as softness and smoothness, and its application to brain tumor diagnosis.

An active tactile sensor is developed using balloon expansion. This compact system provides instantaneous tactile information and has potential for brain tumor diagnosis. Measurements are obtained on soft samples with different stiffness and surface condition with testing of boundary condition influence on thickness and area of the object. Then, measurements on white matter and gray matter of porcine ex vivo brain are done as the first step for brain tumor diagnosis.

The sensor can discriminate samples with different stiffness and surface condition subject to influence by boundary conditions. The sensor can evaluate an object relatively under the same boundary conditions but requires enough thickness and area to evaluate absolutely. Measurements on brain show that the sensor can discriminate between white matter and gray matter.


Power supply, LCD display, Micro controller, x-bee module, MAX232,Gsm modem, Pc, HEAT,BLOOD PRESSURE, Mobile


  • AVR Studio4 IDE tool
  • Embedded c programming
  • Functionality of the above components

In This Project I Am Estimating The Patient Condition Based On These Parameters

  • patient status
  • temperature
  • heart beat monitoring
  • blood pressure
  • gas sensor for knowing the condition of lungs
  • brain tumer identification


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