The purpose of this project is to read the Domestic Energy meter and transmit the reading to a display unit through wireless transmission. This system helps to give a quick reference to the users. This can be achieved by the use of control unit that continuously reads the meter into its permanent (non-volatile) memory location. Then the control unit takes the responsibility to transmit the data to the other receiver module which is being controlled by a local control unit to which the LCD module is attached. The final output of this project is going to be the reading of the meter to be displayed on Liquid crystal display.

There are two controlling modules at the two ends i.e. is one at the energy meter end and the other at the LCD display end. The communication between these two modules is taken place with the help of a Zigbee module. This Zigbee is more or less similar to the RF transceivers with few additional advantages.

The control units which we are making use can also be termed as an onboard computers or microcontrollers. The name onboard computer is given sue to the presence of it’s built in memory (RAM, ROM) and also due to its input and output ports. The control unit at the energy meter end reads the meter readings and forwards it to the other end using this Zigbee. This information is received by the controller at the LCD with the help of the Zigbee provided to it and prints the same into the LCD.

The major advantage of this system is making use of Zigbee module which helps for a wireless transmission. We can also enjoy the freedom of sharing the same reading with multiple Zigbee ports where we need not require the multiple transmitters.

The main features of this project are:

  1. Zigbee based Wireless transmission.
  2. Large transmission range.
  3. Secured transmission.
  4. Dynamic update of meter reading.

The device provides learning’s on the fallowing advancements:

  1. Zigbee.
  2. LCD interfacing.
  3. Energy meter interfacing.
  4. Embedded C programming.
  5. PCB design.

The major building blocks of this project are:

  1. Two Micro controller boards with regulated power supply.
  2. Two Zigbee’s for remote communication.
  3. Energy Meter.
  4. LCD Display to display the meter readings.


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