Wire Terminal Connector


It is a connector that enables a wire to be connected to device. Wires can be soldered into devices or circuit board. But that will make some what a permanent connection, difficult to remove and reassembly. But since, connectors are used to provide temporary connections, wire terminals also provide that kind of connections. All you have to do is to attach the wire terminal to the end of the wire and you can connect it to other devices using screws or clips.


The process of connecting the end or terminal of the wire to a metallic connector is called termination as far as connectors are concerned. The wire can be attached to a terminal connector by methods like crimping, insulation displacement, surface mount, and soldering.

There are varieties of wire terminals available including ring terminal, spade terminal, strip terminal etc. Let’s discuss about them in detail.


Ring terminal is the simplest kind of connectors in the world of connectors. A wire can be crimped into the ring connector which can be then used to connect to other device using screws and nuts.


 Ring terminals

The connector has a crimping area which is covered with a plastic cover. The wire can be crimped into this area with a crimping tool after soldering it into. Then this area can be safely insulated by the plastic covering. The metal ring exposed at the end can be bolted into other devices and hence providing connection.circular connector_0

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