TSOP 1738: How to test TSOP1738


I am designing a circuit which can be controlled by  TV or AC remote. For that I have purchase TSOP1738  with few more components from market. And I assemble my circuit carefully, then also I am not getting the desire output. I again rechecked my assembled circuit with the circuit diagram and I don’t find any error. Then I checked my TSOP1738 which work on 38Khz frequency. You can  check it with the help of circuit diagram below-1

Pin configuration of TSOP


TSOP 1738 pin configuration


Give power supply to pin 2 with the help of resistor and ground pin 1. Set your multimeter in voltage range at 20V. Now put positive terminal of your multimeter on pin 3 of TSOP1738 and ground the another end of multimeter. Now whenever you press any button on remote you will see variation in multimeter reading. If this phenomenon is happening then you can say your TSOP1738 is responding to 38kHz frequency.

When I changed my TSOP my circuit started working. Therefore always check your component before mounting because sometime component name is not clearly printed on it. Which can waste your time in troubleshooting like mine.

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