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Touch panel based Modern restaurants atomization using zigbee technology




The main objective of this project is to develop an embedded system which is a wireless dish ordering system at hotels by using zigbee technology and touch panel.


This project is implemented 8051 based At89s52 developed board interfaced is interfaced with touch panel, zigbee wireless modules



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The present project deals wireless technology in the hotel management area. The present system working is very tedious process ordering to one personà sending that with another person to kitchenà sending the same to the cashier. this total procedure will be wind up by using this project. By using zigbee technology we can reduce the man power in the hotels and also it reduces the wastage time.

The system uses a compact circuitry built around Flash version of AT89S52 microcontroller with a non-volatile memory capable of retaining the password data for over ten years. Programs are developed in embedded C. ISP is used to dump the code into the microcontroller




Embedded ‘C’

RIDE to write code

ISP to burn the chip



At89s52 based our own developed board

Power Supply

Zigbee Module

Touch panel


ADVANTAGES: Low cost, automated operation, Low Power consumption



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