Tool Signature

Tool Signature

Tool Signature

Tool Signature

Convenient way to specify tool angles by use of a standardized abbreviated system is known as tool signature or tool nomenclature. It indicates the angles that a tool utilizes during the cut. It specifies the active angles of the tool normal to the cutting edge. This will always be true as long as the tool shank is mounted at right angles to the work-piece axis. The seven elements that comprise the signature of a single point cutting tool can be stated in the following order:

Tool signature 0-7-6-8-15-16-0.8

1. Back rake angle (0°)

2. Side rake angle (7°)

3. End relief angle (6°)

4. Side relief angle (8°)

5. End cutting edge angle (15°)

6. Side cutting edge angle (16°)

7. Nose radius (0.8 mm)

Source A Textbook of Basic Manufacturing Processes and Workshop Technology by Rajender Singh.

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