Normally, we will have the traffic signal lights programmed for a particular time intervals.   But, here we will generate the traffic light signals based on the traffic, on the particular time.   This type of traffic light signaling is now days used in all the metropolitans.

To monitor the density of the traffic, we will be keeping the sensors in the remote area and depends upon the signals from the sensors the timing of the traffic signals will be changed.

The heart of the embedded system is the microcontroller. In our project we are including the basic microcontroller only, but which is having the features to finish our application. Here we are using the AT89C51 controller, which is the derivative of 8051 family controllers. And its easy to learn the instruction set because its some what near to the instruction set what we learned in 8085 microprocessor.


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On each side of the junction we have placed three sensors. The arrangement of sensors is done in such a way that the first sensor is placed closer to the traffic signal and the second one is at a distance from the first and in similar fashion third sensor is placed.The distance between the three sensors are equal. The requirement of three sensors on each side of the junction is to examine density of traffic continuously to some fixed distance from the signals. The sensors we used here are IR sensors. In infrared communication an LED transmits the infrared signal as bursts of non-visible light. At the receiving end a photodiode or photoreceptor detects and captures the light pulses, which are then processed to retrieve the information they contain. Based on the signals received from the sensors the timing of traffic signals will be changed. In order to fulfill our application we used AT89C51

controller which is the derivative of 8051 family controllers. Because a Microcontroller is an empty chip with a single

architecture with which we can program it in the way as our application demands. In our project traffic signaling is indicated by LED’s. The driver circuitry between the microcontroller and PCB consists of ULN2003 power booster which provides sufficient power to glow the LED’s. Depending on the signal received from sensors the microcontroller will output the action to be taken to the LED’S.

The programming for microcontroller is done using KEIL software and the software we used for designing the PCB layout is ORCAD.

The circuits involved in our project are:

    1. SENSORS
    3. POWER       SUPPLY
    4. ULN2003


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