TDA 2007



TDA2007 is a class AB dual power audio amplifier. It amplifies the low power audio signals (mainly between 20 Hz – 20 kHz) to a higher level. The amplified high power audio signals are required to drive a loudspeaker in many devices. TDA2007 is mainly used for stereo applications in TV receivers, music systems and portable radios.


It has two channels for audio amplification. The amount of noise that a particular channel can reject from the supply voltage is indicated by its supply voltage rejection (SVR). It is simply the ratio of change in supply voltage to the corresponding change in output voltage of the amplifier. The SVR for each channel of TDA2007 is typically 55dB.




Pin Description: 

Pin No Function  Name
1 Non-inverting input of 1st amplifier Input1+
2 Inverting input of 1st amplifier Input1-
3 Supply voltage rejection SVR
4 Inverting input of 2nd amplifier Input2-
5 Non-inverting input of 2nd amplifier Input2+
6 Ground (0V) Ground
7 Output of 2nd amplifier Output2
8 Supply voltage; 5V (up to 26V) Vcc
9 Output of 1st amplifier Output




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