Spintires — The ultimate off-road challenge!


Spintires — The ultimate off-road challenge!

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About this project

Download the demo by clicking here

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The technology demo contains no game-play element and is merely made available to demonstrate the technical aspects of Spintires. 

Available for WINDOWS only.

Produced by Oovee™ Game Studios, Spintires is an Intel(R) award winning off-road driving experience designed to challenge the player’s skill and endurance.

Take responsibility of operating large off-road trucks and venture across the all-terrain landscapes with only a map and compass to guide you.

Featuring a unique terrain deformation system and interactive environment, Spintires is never the same – regardless of how many times you play it.

Concept Campaign Mode (subject to change):

The wild off-road adventure begins in Russia, circa 1980-90. You are supplied with a soviet truck and a set of primitive tools for navigation. The task is to collect and deliver logs from deep within the wilderness, ready for shipment abroad.

First, you must load the truck with the logs using the supplied claw crane, then using a map and compass you need navigate to your objectives with the logs secure to complete the objective successfully.

Plot a course and navigate using landmarks whilst trying not to loose your precious cargo, becoming stuck in the mud or depleting all of your fuel reserves. Plans accordingly so that you can pass a fuelling out-post and stop by when required.

If you complete the objective successfully, you will be rewarded with ‘skill points’.

‘Skill points’ are rewarded for the following factors:

  • Successful delivery of Cargoes (more is better)
  • Cargo Damage (less is better)
  • Fuel Usage (less is better)

In addition, ‘Bonus skill points’ are rewarded when:

  • Secret Crates Discovered (more is better)
  • Territory Covered (more is better)

‘Skill points’ can be used to purchase truck accessories in the workshop that can assist you in completing the next batch of objectives. These accessories include but not limited to the following:

  • Extra Lighting
  • Turbo Charger
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Extra Cargo Capacity + Trailers
  • Horns
  • Winch
  • Tire Deflation System
  • New trucks

We think that Spintires is different from other driving titles because it offers unpredictability, re-playability and can run on a magnitude of PC configurations.

Throughout the development of Spintires, we have always considered the potential users. With that consideration in mind, we have been dedicated to ensure that Spintires will run on a wide range of PC configurations whilst providing the maximum graphics quality. As it stands it *could* even run on a mobile platform with some adjustments.

Ease-of-use is another consideration. We feel that it is an extremely important subject; we hope to keep menu screens, learning curves, and obnoxious superfluous mouse clicking to a minimum.

Should you decide to play the same objective more than once, you will notice that each time you play you will have a different experience. This is because every asset has its own physical property that can be interacted with, or deformed. Adding different truck accessories to your truck will change the experience slightly too, since each accessory has its own benefit or some could actually be a hindrance.

If you drive aggressively you will need to take the consequences that the vehicle will become stuck somewhere, or even topple over. Stop, think, and proceed is our motto.

Spintires utilizes a gaming engine called ‘VeeEngine’. The ‘VeeEngine’ has been built from the ground up specifically for Spintires and therefore has been optimised for this particular game genre.

The ‘VeeEngine’ features a unique and flexible VEHICLE/MUD/WATER interaction model that is very fast.

The mud interaction model is achieved by a solution that relies on vertex-texture-fetch technology. A low-resolution heightmap is substituted by a high-resolution heightmap; this is then procedurally deformed by any physical body that penetrates it.

The engine is written in C++ and utilizes ‘DirectX 9 technologies’ & ‘Havok Physics Engine’. The structure of the game comprises of XML and LUA scripts that allows developers to create content with ease.  It also allows ‘modding’ communities to make their own modifications.

Here is a collection of in-game screenshots highlighting our technology. You can also try our technology demo (see top of page).


Spintires won 1st place in the ‘Intel LevelUp 2009’ competition for Best Threaded Game and 2nd place for Best Game Optimized for Intel® Graphics. See here for more details.


Previous demo versions were kindly reviewed by RockPaperShotGun 

“At present Spin Tires feels like the lovechild of Rigs of Rods and Tricky Truck. That’s no bad thing, but with a few extra options – a little more tread on its steaming, mud-clogged tires – it could also qualify as the PC’s first serious automotive orienteering sim.”See full review.

And Yogscast

“The true-to-life physics, awesome graphics, and realistic truck sounds make this game a winner. As others have said, can’t wait for the finished product. A lot of hard work has gone into the making of this game.” — George Bencze — See more

“I’ve been following ST for a long time now, and I can’t emphasize the importance of such a open world simulation enough. The game is going to bring something entirely new to the table and I can’t wait!” — Aaditya Nair — See more

List of goals we aim to achieve with your backing of £40,000.

  • Implement game-play mechanics.
  • Implement effective GUI/Menu systems.
  • Implement vehicle accessories + truck pulling (winch).
  • Create more vehicles + vehicle accessories + trailers.
  • Capture more new sounds for vehicles / environment / effects.
  • Create more environment assets.
  • Add to and improve the existing Asset/Map editor.
  • Steering wheel + Logitech G25-G27 steering wheel support.
  • Lots of graphics rendering Improvements!

Our base goal of £40,000 from Kickstarter should be enough to make the game within a reasonable period. However, if we were to exceed our base goal then it would allow us to implement many of our stretch goals and improve the overall experience of the full game.

The money we hope to raise on Kickstarter will bridge the gap between where the project is now and where we want the project to be in 6-12 months.

List of stretch-goals we aim to achieve should we exceed our base goal.


  • Cooperative Multiplayer.
  • More game assets (trucks, map assets, etc).


  • VS Multiplayer
  • More game-modes.
  • Internal cockpit views (with reflective mirrors, and working window wipers).
  • Even more game assets (trucks, map assets, etc).


  • Cross platform version for Mac.

Thank you for reading our Kickstarter page. We hope that you will consider backing Spintires and help us bring this game to market.

You can follow our progress via Facebook, where we would love to hear from you too. We will listen to your views and comments so that we can refine our game-play accordingly.

Please spread the word and share our Kickstarter/Facebook page with your friends.

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