Sort M&M with Arduino and iPhone



It is a small machine that uses an Arduino and an iphone to sort M&M color without a color sensor to intervene, just the iPhone camera and an application that determines the color used.


How to Sort M&M with Arduino and iPhone?

This curious machine works simply,  which basically done is connect the iPhone via a bluetooth module with an Arduino and control a series of relays that activate the electromagnets.

The M&M are poured into a kind of chute that rotates to make the M&M fall by gravity, it is where comes in the iPhone, taking a picture of each M&M as the camera is looking at a white background, whenever M&M pass a background change compared using an application, that determines the color and that color depending, the iPhone sends a signal to the arduino via bluetooth, so the corresponding relay is activated, the gate opens and goes sorting.

I thought it was a very curious and interesting Arduino project and not only can be applied to M&M, as there are many applications that require this type of machine.



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