Safety Precautions while Working with Cutting Tools


Safety Precautions while Working with Cutting Tools


(A) Files

1. One should always use a file card to clean the file. Never use your hand. The chips may penetrate in hand and cause a painful infection.

2. One should not use a file without a handle.

3. Short burns formed in filling may cause serious cuts. Always use a piece of cloth to wipe the surface being field.

4. Files are highly brittle and should never be used as a hammer otherwise the file will break.

5. Never hammer on a file. It may shatter and chips fly in all directions.

(B) Chisels

1. One should always hold the chisel in such a manner that the hammer blow may not miss the chisel to injure your hand.

2. Edges of metal cut with the chisel are often sharp and cause bad cuts.

3. Flying chips are dangerous. Wear transparent plastic safety goggles and use a shield, when using a chisel, to protect yourself and those working near you.

4. Sharp edges of chisels are removed by grinding or filing.

5. Mushroomed head of the chisel should be removed by grinding.

(C) Saws

1. One should not test the sharpness of the blade by a running a finger across the teeth.

2. One should not brush away the chips with your hand.

3. All hard blades can shatter and produce flying chips. Wear your toggles.

4. One should not be sure that the blade is properly tensioned.

5. Store the saw so that you will not accidentally reach into the teeth when you pick it up.

6. If the blade breaks while you are on cutting stroke, your hand may strike the works and cause an injury. Therefore saw operator should work carefully.

(D) Reamers

1. One should remove all bars from the reamed holes.

2. Never use your hands to remove chips and cutting fluids from the reamer and work. One should use a piece of cotton waste.

(E) Taps and Dies

1. One should use a brush to clean away chips formed by hand threading. Never use your hand.

2. One should always wear goggles if the tap, die or threaded piece is to be cleaned with compressed air.

3. Tap operator should also be careful that other person working in the area also wearing goggles.

4. Handle broken taps as you would handle broken glass. They are sharp edges and are dangerous to handle.

5. Wash you hands after using cutting fluid. Skin-rashes caused by some cutting fluids can develop into a serious skin disorder if they are left on the skin for a long period.

6. Take care of any cuts immediately. Infection may occur when injuries are not properly treated.

(F) Abrasives

1. If the lathe is used for polishing make sure that the machine is protected from the abrasive grains that fall from the polishing wheels during polishing. They can cause rapid wear of the precision parts.

2. One should not rub fingers or hand across a piece that has just been polished by abrasive.

3. Cuts and burns should always be treated immediately by using first aid facility.

4. One should remove all abrasive particles by washing them thoroughly after the polishing operation.

Reference Introduction to basic Manufacturing Processes and Workshop Technology by Rajender Singh.

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