A road traffic information output apparatus includes: a road traffic information obtaining device that obtains road traffic information; a decision-making device that determines in advance a specific area for which road traffic information will need to be output; and a control device that implements control to output road traffic information that has been obtained by the road traffic information obtaining device for the specific area determined in advance, when the road traffic information for the specific area determined in advance by the decision-making device is required.

The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a Serial, Asynchronous, Multi-master communication protocol for connecting electronic control modules in Automotive and industrial applications. CAN have many features like Low cost, easy to implement, peer to peer Network with powerful Error Checking, Higher Transmission Rates 1MBit/s. The CAN Analyzer is a powerful, flexible and inexpensive instrument which develops and verifies systems based in CAN-CANopen. This tool allows for the study and configuration of CAN open systems, using a user interface that permits a simple access to devices and their objects. This instrument is indispensable for the analysis of systems in the field of automated and automotive industries.

The CAN Network is a Peer to Peer Network consisting of different nodes. Different parameters can be monitored by these Nodes and can be updated to the Central Control Unit. Mostly used in Industry and Auto Mobiles in a Hazardous Environment and is reliable. By the main window of CAN analyzer you can approach to various functions. You can selected the type of CAN bus, standard or extended, and set the baud rate of the net. You can monitor the net by CAN bus load, and some LED’s for status indicates. By this window it is possible to access to various forms, CAN open monitor, CAN monitor, Network manager and CAN sender.

A development of distributed area traffic signal lights control based on single-chip microcontroller through CAN BUS is described. With the core of ATMEGA32, infrared receiver receives the infrared signal coming from launcher. The demodulation signal is treated by single-chip microcontroller. The single-chip microcontroller controls the CAN BUS controller to structure CAN BUS communication system to transmit the data. The designator of distributed traffic signal lights intelligent control system was carried out by three control styles of Vehicle flux, remote and PC. The paper introduces total scheme and system structure, also the hardware design of the system in detail. By experimental testing, when the key K1-K6 is pressed ,time setting of east-west, south-north direction, emergency car ,time’s increase ,decrease ,holding.




  • Power supply
  • Controlling switches
  • Alert
  • LCD display
  • Can Tx/Rx
  • Sensors array



  • AVR Studio4 IDE tool
  • Win AVR
  • Embedded c programming
  • Functionality of the above components


  1. Electronic control unit (ECU).
  2. engine control unit
  3. Automobiles
  4. Airbags
  5. Antilock Braking
  6. cruise control
  7. Audio systems,
  8. Windows,
  9. Mirror adjustment,
  10. Automation
  11. Automotive devices
  12. Remote application
  13. industrial application

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