Polishing Operation

Polishing Operation

Polishing Operation

Polishing Operation

Polishing is surfacing finishing process for producing a flat, scratch-free, mirror-like finish. It consists of fine grinding, intermediate grinding, rough polishing, and fine polishing. Initially the surface to be polished is roughly ground to remove deep cut off marks. Then the intermediate grinding is done with fine emery or silicon carbide (Carborundum) papers decreasing in grit size in three to four stages to remove grinding marks. Emery papers are graded from fine to coarse. This polishing operation may be performed by hand or mechanically using the rotating disks. The motion in polishing of work on polishing wheel should always be straight and the polishing strokes should cover the whole length of the surface being polished. Finer grade emery disc pr polishing wheel should be used for the fine finish work. Polishing is commonly performed on utensils. Source A Textbook of Basic Manufacturing Processes and Workshop Technology by Rajender Singh.

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