Point : A softer take on home security.

home security

Point: A softer take on home security.

by Form Devices, Inc.

Point is a smart house sitter. It listens to the sounds of your home, senses what’s in the air and lets you know if anything is wrong.

About this project

We found existing home security solutions too invasive. We wanted to know that everything was fine at home, but without having a camera in the living room. That’s why we designed Point.

Meet Point.

The home has always been a focal point of Scandinavian culture. Despite its importance, when we’re away we can feel disconnected. We want to know everything is fine at home, but our only options have been cameras and invasive sensors.

We wanted a softer, more balanced take on security. We created Point to make a stand: peace of mind without compromising the feeling of home.

Point is subtle and small—the size of the palm of your hand. It’s designed to blend in to any home, anywhere. These are results of a focus on simplicity beyond aesthetics.

Current security systems are complex, often requiring daily interaction. Point requires no attention except an annual change of batteries. It’s designed to erase worries, not create them.

Point keeps things simple for you, but does plenty while you’re away. It listens to the sounds of your home, senses the indoor environment, and analyses the air. Point translates all data into information you care about. It notifies you of windows breaking, alarms ringing, or the presence of smoke.

You can tell Point how to respond to events: for instance, it can glow yellow if it detects cigarette smoke, or sound an alarm in case of windows breaking.

Point connects to the Internet through WiFi so you can stay in touch wherever you are.

Who is Point for?

Chances are Point is for you. Home is a place where we feel safe and comfortable. It’s a private place that we share with family, friends and guests. Whether you’re home alone or not, it’s a place where you can relax and let your guard down. It’s no place for surveillance cameras.

Homes come as different as the people they belong to, so we designed Point to be adaptable to your situation. Here are some ways it fits into people’s lives.

Zoe rents an apartment downtown. She enjoys travelling, and sometimes spends the weekend with her parents. She doesn’t need a full security system but Point gives her comfort to know that all is fine when she is away.

Anna is an Airbnb host. With Point she can host guests new to her home with confidence. She is notified in case of accidents and if the sounds levels are too high late at night, Point will glow yellow as a friendly reminder for her guests to keep it down.

Dave lives in an old building with his family in Scotland. His home has some quirks, but Point keeps Dave on top of things. It lets him keep an eye on humidity and air quality levels, helping to reduce the risk of mold.

What does Point do?

Point combines a wide array of sensor data with the sounds of your home and turns it into information you care about. Point can let you know about guests arriving, windows breaking, presence of smoke or alarms going off—the things you worry about when leaving your home.

You primarily communicate with Point through your smartphone, but it also comes with a speaker and lights to give immediate feedback to people in your home.

You could set Point to light up if there is a loud noise in the middle of the night or to glow yellow in the presence of cigarette smoke. Every home is unique, so we made it easy for you to set up Point to be like you want it to.

Sound & Presence. Point listens, analyzes what it hears and tells you about the things you care about. Since all analysis is done on the device, no sound is recorded or sent across the network.

Friendly Reminders. You can set Point to glow yellow when the volume goes above thresholds you set, reminding guests to be considerate with neighbors in the early hours.

Air. Point’s innovative sensor technology allows it to recognize things like smoke, cigarette fumes and other common home hazards.

Temperature. Ever wondered what your Nest thermostat is really up to when you’re away? Point has your back and comes equipped with a temperature sensor.

Humidity: Point can sense elevated humidity levels in the air. This could indicate a major water leak from broken pipes, blocked ventilation systems or a jungle taking over your bedroom (it happened to this guy Max our mothers told us about). Keeping an eye on humidity can help you prevent problems with mold and moisture.

Tampering: Point notices if it’s taken down and put in a cupboard.

Wireless: Point comes with a state-of-the-art WiFi chipset, letting it operate without a base station. You can place it anywhere in your house where your smartphone has WiFi coverage.

Very Wireless: Point does all its magic using regular, replaceable batteries. It should last for more than a year under normal conditions with the included batteries.

Installation: Point takes an instant to install. You place a metal plate with double-sided tape (or a screw if you prefer) to your ceiling or wall. Point then attaches with magnets. No more fumbling on stairs, just toss Point towards the ceiling and it’ll probably stick (don’t actually do this).


Connect Point to the apps and products you use every day with IFTTT. IFTTT lets you create powerful connections with a simple statement — if this then that. It’s like duct tape for the Internet. You could for example make your Philips Hue lights glow blue or red depending on the temperature. The only limit is your imagination (and judgment—but don’t let us stop you).

Point and Lockitron can talk to each other (and they get along too). You can use Lockitron to unlock your door for guests without keys. Connect it to your Point and all events will show up in one place, making it easy to get an overview of your home.



Form is a Scandinavian team with an international outlook. We bring more than half a decade of experience from the earliest stages of prototyping and product development at Apple. We have experience from several previous startups and from shipping millions of mobile phones while at the Nordic telecom giants.


It takes a village! Thank you to all our friends and supporters who have taken time out of your busy schedules to critique our work, offered advice, given us valuable introductions and helped us come this far. Without you, Point would still be just an idea.
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