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PHP projects: Online task management system – from the name itself we can understand the process of this PHP project. Managing employees task through online. Even it will work in intranet also. MySQL database is an ultimate part of this source code. It is easy to implement and follow. It is a major project application in all corporate companies. IT company tasks are given to their employees by the method of task management system. So feel free to try this code for your mini project or major project for your final year.


  • Title: PHP Online task management application code
  • Domain: Web technology
  • Front-end: PHP Script
  • Back-end: MySQL Database
  • Category: PHP projects

This free students project in PHP is used to allocate the particular work to an employee and managing time schedules and more. It can filter more results like, who are all doing the same project, edited by whom? Task duration, work order list and more. This project has some modules. They are,

  • Team member’s login,
  • Adding Team members,
  • Assigning Tasks,
  • Task List,
  • Admin functionality,
  • Personal messaging,
  • Creating Groups,
  • E-mail functionality.

Online Task Management System

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