Multimeter Tutorial: How to Test a Diode


Step 1: Understanding Diode


Diode has two terminals Anode (+) and Cathode (-). Terminals can be identified by the shaded portion at the end of the diode. Terminal near the shaded portion is Cathode (-) and other one is anode (+).

Diode can be tested with the help of Diode function of the multimeter

Step 2: DMM Connection


  • Power ON the multimeter
  • Turn the knob towards the “Diode Function”
  • The Digital Meter will show no reading as there are no terminals connected.

Step 3:Testing Leads Connection        


  • Connect the leads in forward biasing i.e. Positive to the Anode and Negative to the Cathode.
  • Connections should be tight and neat
  • After connecting note down the reading.

How to Test a Diode using Multimeter


The multimeter will show theforward voltage drop between the two testing leads.

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