Microduino-Joypad: an open source 8-bit game console & more!


Microduino-Joypad is … an 8-bit game console + open source + UPin27 + AVR,STM32,MSP430,51 compatible + smart controller == Awesome!

Microduino studio launched the first kickstarter in September 2013, introducing the brand new Arduino-compatible development board—Microduino. We achieved success with the unique Upin27 interface, compact size, rich expansion boards as well as many applications. Over the past year, Microduino community has been growing rapidly. Now we have nearly 10,000 players worldwide.

Our community members have made a great number of amazing applications with these small but powerful boards. ( Open Source Watch copyright belongs to DoNothingBox LLC.)

At the 25th anniversary of the Gameboy console, we are now releasing Joypad – 8-bit multi-functional game console to show our respects to Gameboy–the most classic game console in the history.

With this elegantly designed little Joypad, we are hoping to bring you the greatest joy from your childhood memory. The best thing is it’s completely open source and you can even create and develop your own game to inspire your imagination. Moreover, it’s not only a game console, it’s also a remote controller for other devices, such as Quadcopter, robot and cell phone, etc.

With Microduino-Joypad, you can enjoy the simple pleasure brought by these 8-bit retro games.

  •  Tetris
  •  Snake
  •  Break the Bricks
  •  Higher and Higher 

All the above games are open source. The best part is that players can develop their own games according to their preferences. In addition, we also specially establish a community web page for you, making it easy for you to communicate.

Microduino-Joypad isn’t just a game console, it also shows powerful extension functions with the integrated Microduino UPin27 interface. The device is compatible with over 30 Microduino modules. It is also a remote control device, making it more creative and functional. Microduino-Joypad can remotely control plenty of toys and devices such as:

  • Quadcopter Control
  • BOXZ Mini Robot 
  • Compact Phone: Capable of sending and receiving SMS
  • TV Game Collection: To control TV games
  • PC Game Collection: Makers can use Joypad emulator(USB HID Joystick) to control computer games like DIRT3, or as Keyboard & Mouse to play Angry Birds, etc.

There are abundant sensors (You can refer to the technical introduction section) and two parallel Upin27 interfaces integrated on the Microduino-Joypad development board, making Joypad a powerful interactive device.

Microduino-Joypad integrates and meets the expectation of the community players: A flexible, interesting device capable of DIY as well as unlimited expansion possibilities. Besides, Microduino-Joypad can also be a gateway of IOT.

Microduino’s U-shaped 27 Pin-out is a perfect design:

  • 27 pins form almost a square, which enables it to make full use of its space for circuit display.
  • One side is dedicated for the physical interface, which is perfect to  meet the circuit design goal and to achieve the space-saving purpose.

Microduino team now maps all types of single-chip computers to UPin27, which supports Arduino AVR series, STM32, MS430 and 51 series, covering almost all the existing popular applications.

 Video: Power of Motion

 QuadCopter Video Here

 Watch the Self-balance Robot Video

 New Reward

Christmas Special – All In One

 Microduino has always been dedicated to make more development and applications from the open source hardware. Your suggestion is important to us. We really appreciate it.

Microduino is also creating a brand new website microduino.cc — an open source hardware community where we can share designs and ideas with each other and grow together.

We’ve created our wiki website with complete introduction of more than 50 Microduino modules. We added over 100 basic tutorials and 200 interesting designs.

About BOXZ Mini Robot

BOXZ is is an open source robot platform for DIY interactive entertainments! It combines Arduino, Origami and Robotics together, is easy to assemble, and also super fun to play with. The skin is customizable so that you can create your own RPG robot.

We optimize the structure and performance of BOXZ, and now release BOXZ Mini. Welcome to visit official website: www.boxz.cc

All the information about the modules, applications and wiki tutorials are open source in the community. The existing applications can inspire your creativity and imagination and bring happiness to more people.

Meet us on

So far, Microduino has spread to Six Continents, almost every corner in the world. We are thinking — Maybe Microduino can visit Antarctica some day.

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