Metal Extraction Automation with Arduino

arduino otomasyon



Circuit diagram



Arduino code of the project


This article will give you information about the work I’ve done a recently. It is a metal sorting system as you can see in my video system design. This system is actually many different ways (eg pneumatic systems, through methods such as linear thrust) was done, but I want to take a job using the least expensive ingredients in my hand and I was doing this project, too.

Used materials

  • The Arduino Mega
  • Engine shield (L293D)
  • FUTABA S3003 Servo
  • I2C LCDs
  • Conveyor belts (12v DC motor)
  • Pot (10K)
  • Inductive sensor (12V)
  • Relay (12 V excitation)
  • Power supply (12V, 5A)


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