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ATmega16 is an 8-bit high performance microcontroller of Atmel’s Mega AVR family with low power consumption. Atmega16 is based on enhanced RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing, Know more about RISC and CISC Architecture) architecture with 131 powerful instructions. Most of the instructions execute in one machine cycle. Atmega16 can work on a maximum frequency of 16MHz.


ATmega16 has 16 KB programmable flash memory, static RAM of 1 KB and EEPROM of 512 Bytes. The endurance cycle of flash memory and EEPROM is 10,000 and 100,000, respectively.


ATmega16 is a 40 pin microcontroller. There are 32 I/O (input/output) lines which are divided into four 8-bit ports designated as PORTA, PORTB, PORTC and PORTD.


ATmega16 has various in-built peripherals like USART, ADC, Analog Comparator, SPI, JTAG etc. Each I/O pin has an alternative task related to in-built peripherals. The following table shows the pin description of ATmega16.





Pin Description:


Pin No. Pin name Description Alternate Function
1 (XCK/T0) PB0 I/O PORTB, Pin 0 T0: Timer0 External Counter Input.XCK : USART External Clock I/O
2 (T1) PB1 I/O PORTB, Pin 1 T1:Timer1 External Counter Input
3 (INT2/AIN0) PB2 I/O PORTB, Pin 2 AIN0: Analog Comparator Positive I/PINT2: External Interrupt 2 Input
4 (OC0/AIN1) PB3 I/O PORTB, Pin 3 AIN1: Analog Comparator Negative I/POC0 : Timer0 Output Compare Match Output
5 (SS) PB4 I/O PORTB, Pin 4 In System Programmer (ISP)Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
6 (MOSI) PB5 I/O PORTB, Pin 5
7 (MISO) PB6 I/O PORTB, Pin 6
8 (SCK) PB7 I/O PORTB, Pin 7
9 RESET Reset Pin, Active Low Reset
10 Vcc Vcc = +5V
12 XTAL2 Output to Inverting Oscillator Amplifier
13 XTAL1 Input to Inverting Oscillator Amplifier
14 (RXD) PD0 I/O PORTD, Pin 0 USART Serial Communication Interface
15 (TXD) PD1 I/O PORTD, Pin 1
16 (INT0) PD2 I/O PORTD, Pin 2 External Interrupt INT0
17 (INT1) PD3 I/O PORTD, Pin 3 External Interrupt INT1
18 (OC1B) PD4 I/O PORTD, Pin 4 PWM Channel Outputs
19 (OC1A) PD5 I/O PORTD, Pin 5
20 (ICP) PD6 I/O PORTD, Pin 6 Timer/Counter1 Input Capture Pin
21 PD7 (OC2) I/O PORTD, Pin 7 Timer/Counter2 Output Compare Match Output
22 PC0 (SCL) I/O PORTC, Pin 0 TWI Interface
23 PC1 (SDA) I/O PORTC, Pin 1
24 PC2 (TCK) I/O PORTC, Pin 2 JTAG Interface
25 PC3 (TMS) I/O PORTC, Pin 3
26 PC4 (TDO) I/O PORTC, Pin 4
27 PC5 (TDI) I/O PORTC, Pin 5
28 PC6 (TOSC1) I/O PORTC, Pin 6 Timer Oscillator Pin 1
29 PC7 (TOSC2) I/O PORTC, Pin 7 Timer Oscillator Pin 2
30 AVcc Voltage Supply = Vcc for ADC
32 AREF Analog Reference Pin for ADC
33 PA7 (ADC7) I/O PORTA, Pin 7 ADC Channel 7
34 PA6 (ADC6) I/O PORTA, Pin 6 ADC Channel 6
35 PA5 (ADC5) I/O PORTA, Pin 5 ADC Channel 5
36 PA4 (ADC4) I/O PORTA, Pin 4 ADC Channel 4
37 PA3 (ADC3) I/O PORTA, Pin 3 ADC Channel 3
38 PA2 (ADC2) I/O PORTA, Pin 2 ADC Channel 2
39 PA1 (ADC1) I/O PORTA, Pin 1 ADC Channel 1
40 PA0 (ADC0) I/O PORTA, Pin 0 ADC Channel 0


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