Load and Its types



It is defined as any external force acting upon a machine part.

The following four types of the load are important from the subject point of view:

Load Characteristics
Load Characteristics

1. Dead or steady load:

A load is said to be a dead or steady load, when it does not change in magnitude or direction.

2. Live or variable load: 

A load is said to be a live or variable load, when it changes continually.
3. Suddenly applied or shock loads: 

A load is said to be a suddenly applied or shock load, when it is suddenly applied or removed.
4. Impact load: 

A load is said to be an impact load, when it is applied with some initial velocity.


Note: A machine part resists a dead load more easily than a live load and a live load more easily than a shock




A textbook of Machine Desigh by R.S.Khurmi and J.K.Gupta

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