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Arduino LilyPad Arduino is a card designed for Leah Buechley by e-textiles and wearable accessory projects [2]. In the product area planted it is very useful and versatile product which has a large audience. Your clothes, bags or fabric can be sewn briefly LilyPad adding any other fabric. Thus, power supply, sensors and other electronic components can be mounted. A computer connected via USB-Serial Converter Board can be programmed by the Arduino IDE. LilyPad around the input, output pins are so ranked. In this way, easily sewn to the fabric or clothing. Using conductive thread for the sewing process works fairly easy [3].

lilypad 1lilypad 2

lilypad 3lilypad 4

Various LilyPad Arduino board are shown below

lilypad 5

Several LilyPad products:

lilypad 6


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