Keil interfacing programs for 8051


After going through sample programs in keil now, you should be aware of how to write simple codes in C language for 8051. So now, let us see some more programs in C language for 8051. These programs are interfacing programs means different peripheral devices are connected with 8051 and we have to write the C program to properly interface these devices with it. different devices are push buttons, keypad, LEDs, 7-segment display, LCD, ADC, DAC etc. here I am not giving the schematic diagrams of interfacing but just a short description of hardware connection is given that tells how the device is connected with 8051.

8051 project development cycle: – these are the steps to develop 8051 project using keil

  1. Create source files in C or assembly.
  2. Compile or assemble source files.
  3. Correct errors in source files.
  4. Link object files from compiler and assembler.
  5. Test linked application.

KEIL can be used to interface several peripherals to an 8051 micro controllers with the help of simple coding. This tutorial will detail you about using the compiler to interface LED, LCD, 7-segment, push button, ADC and DAC. While the working of these peripherals is mandatory here, it is also recommended for the programmer to make sure that the hardware is also properly assembled for better execution of the program.


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