Intelligent chess board with Arduino and Raspberry Pi


Intelligent chess board with Arduino & Raspberry Pi

 We have already seen some other project with Arduino based on chess but were more intended to move the pieces on the board in the role of player, this has nothing to do with it. It’s a smart board wooden chess pieces recognizes also let us know if we moved right or wrong by LEDs.

Intelligent chess board with Arduino & Raspberry Pi
Intelligent chess board with Arduino & Raspberry Pi

Why an Arduino and a Rapberry PI?

An Arduino is great for real time control of the devices on the chess board, but it does not use a conventional operating system like Unix/Debian/Raspian. Therefore Stockfish and most other strong chess engines won’t run on it. I believe there are a few chess engines that do run on Arduino  , but they will not be as strong as Stockfish.

My interest in building chess computers started with Arduino and at the time the Raspberry Pi had not been released. Six months later it was and I realized I needed a different computer so I added the Raspberry Pi to run the engine.

If I was starting again today I would just use just the Raspberry PI with no Arduino,  and I explain how you would get it to control the board here.  However now that I have a great board that I can barely beat on level 3 out of 21, I have no reason to build another one.

I see that some people are designing robot arm playing chess computers, that sounds really cool. In that case I would use an Arduino to control the arm, board sensors etc and use a Raspberry Pi to run the chess engine.

The Arduino board is responsible for controlling the board, the Arduino is connected to a Raspberry Pi in which the chess engine running open sourceStockfish and a library of rules of chess Chessboard call. When you want to put to play just press a button and start the game. Link to the project website .

 Intelligent chess board with Arduino & Raspberry Pi

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