Innovative robot: monitor & save the vanishing TIGERS!

Innovative robot
Innovative robot :  Healthy Tiger Population means Healthy Ecosystem. When animals at top of food-chain decline,It indicates entire ecosystem is in trouble

Aveneesh Mathur was a student of the University of New South Wales in Australia who just finished his degree in Computer Science specialized in Robotics. His passion is Robotics and am highly experienced in it. he was also an inventor of new technologies & methods for Robots and in other aspects of technology too. For these reasons he was contacted by his friends who admire his abilities back in India and are in touch with the Forest Department of India who are responsible for taking care of the wild life & the forests in India. Their main worry at the moment (and has been for a while) is the wild tigers. The tigers are soon to be extinct.

We have been taught in school and is also common sense that the Tigers are at the top of the food chain and when they vanish, It means that our ecosystem is in trouble.

Plants -> Deer -> Tiger

After a lot of research and an inspiring chat with the people involved with similar things up in India He found it really challenging when they mentioned that he need some way to do the following:





They have already experimented technologies such as a Radio collar, Infrared Sensor enabled camera’s that activates when it senses motion. But their trouble is that they have not been able to achieve the desired results. So they felt a need for a better technology to achieve the above mentioned motives to be able to save/help the tigers.

During His conversation with them, he immediately had a brief idea of creating a robot that can follow the tiger as a constant companion that is well equipped with high tech cameras, laser scanner/sensors, motion sensor and is solar chargeable, has to surely be radio enabled.

Following the tiger on the ground whilst it’s walking in a normal speed it probably a better idea than a drone. He have already got a design that would allow the robot to be in the forest around the animals with minimal issues. He decided to work on this project immediately, have already designed the Computer Aided Models, a cardboard prototype and have the required hardware researched.

Each and every project in this world at some stage requires funds to procure external hardware, internal system, research work, technical expertise & labor. More the funds more can be achieved with the project.

For this project the estimated costs that would occur in the early stages of this project would be :

  • Sensors & Cameras   $2500(max)
  • Main Computer   $1500(max)
  • Solar Cells $600(appx)
  • Custom Made Batteries 12V 240 Ah $1500(max)
  • Robot System Structure $600 (max)
  • Other smaller components
  • Rent a room to form into a lab $600 pm * 6 = $3600
  • Hire 3 workers to work on hardware, software & electronics $500 * 3 * 6 = $9000
  • Research work
  • Testing along the way
  • Routing trips from city to the Forest & stay.

There are a lot of routing costs that would occur during the process of creating this robot due the complexities that we will face inside the forest which I haven’t considered yet. One of those that i can point out is to find and implement some sort of communication to avail real time data collection from the robot. The second stage of this project will be adding the ability of flying to the robot. The proposed amount that i want to be pledged is the bare minimum amount that would be required to bring this robot to life.

For this specific project we all need to unite, we need the wild lovers & innovation freaks. People who wish to see the tiger and would want their next generation to be able to see one too. This is not an individual project, it’s the whole world’s project, let’s save the tigers, fight through this life challenge and win over it to save those who need us..

Everybody in this game is a player, there is no audience, I will do both research and development involved with this robot but I need everybody to provide their support with the funds, ideas, comments, feedback and technical help.

This project currently is only on paper with basic research completed. So the required funding is to start the initial process of buying the required components(and starting the initial development process & awaiting for the components to arrive) then going ahead and hiring people to work along with me. Then starts the real work of development & building of the robot with testing along the way & research research and research in the forest.

Other Ways You Can Help

Guys I would also appreciate if you could share the word out and help make this project a success. As you know Kickstarter has made it extremely easy to share the campaign with the share tools up the top!!

Risks and challenges

We have to face one major risk but its part of this project’s success that is to go inside the forest to perform research & testing, good thing is that we will have some forest guards along with us. The challenge is this whole project due the environment the robot will be put into and the complexities that will shoot towards us every now and then. We are following a living being that has a mind of it’s own and it can be extremely fast and next to impossible to follow when its running.

The major challenges for the robot are not just limited to:
-> Zero network & internet connectivity inside or near the forest (Same applies to us)

-> It has to be completely automated making its own decisions (by the algorithms coded) inside the forest whilst it’s following the tiger recording data.

-> It will need to save itself from other animals or danger whilst saving itself from banging into the trees, rocks, etc.

-> It will also need to save itself from the tiger if it finds out that it’s being followed.

-> Whilst the robot is following the tiger is that when the tiger runs, it makes it really hard to follow it since we will surely be limited by the speed with a lot of equipments on the robot.

-> When the robot battery is about to finish (possible in rainy days) or it’s damaged. It send a message to the base through radio with its location. Since we know it has very little battery left and the forest is too huge for it to even know where the base is located & how to get there. A human being will therefore need to get to the received location and bring the robot back for recovery.

Initially we will have to work in the city due to the availability of resources and make frequent trips to the forest and once the robot is in a automated walkable state we will start being in the forest area more than the city.

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