How to operate Stepper Motor With android App

stepper motor using android app
stepper motor using android app

Stepper Motor with Mobile App

After a long period without publishing articles, I returned to resume my Arduino projects , this time I want to share with you this little android application that allows to control a stepper motor 360 degrees using the famous AppInventor .

stepper motor using android app
stepper motor using android app

The mobile application have a central image that represents a knob that rotates 360 degrees, move this knob the stepper motor rotates to the angle you want. To control the stepper motor must have present how you are going to activate each of the coils , in this case I applied power to two coils by step as follows :

stepper motor using android app1

How the stepper motor is controlled with mobile App ?

In step A the coils 1 and 2 are activated , in the B coils 2 and 3 are activated , in step C the coils 3 and 4 are activated , in step D the coils 4 and 1 are activated , so the rotation of the rotor is completed . So we can program the function that will control this movement and you can do repetitive for the complete movement of the stepper motor.

Rotating a stepper motor through an Arduino board is really simple and does not require extensive code to achieve it and you can find much information on the web. The materials that I used in this application are, a stepper motor with ULN2003 Driver, you can get a board ready to connect to an Arduino module, an HC-06 Bluetooth module, an Arduino Uno R3 card and an additional source to deliver more than 1 Amp to deliver necessary current for the stepper motor can move.

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Remember that the current that USB port can provide is not enough and if we provide current from the USB port to stepper motor this can damage the USB port, can potentially damage the port of the computer or if you have connected a source to Arduino input connector module can damage the digital ports of Arduino if you connect directly from the engine control pins, so the best way to make a connection of a stepper motor is providing separate power to the motor driver ULN2003A with the same GND.

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