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HAVEN: The Stronger Smarter Home Lock

HAVEN: The Stronger Smarter Home Lock

Deadbolts have gone digital, but this hasn’t made them more secure. Inspired by a break-in, HAVEN is a stronger, smarter home lock.

Your HAVEN in Black
Your HAVEN in Black
No Trip Design
No Trip Design


According to FBI statistics, 80% of home break-ins occur at the front or back door. With forced break-ins and lock bumping on the rise, there is a clear need for a stronger, smarter home lock.  HAVEN is a new smart lock that is anchored at the strongest point of the entryway, inside at the base of the door, preventing break-ins where traditional lock systems fall short.

  • Anchored at the Base – With 95% of break-ins requiring some force, HAVEN creates a sturdier support system.  Using a simple wedge, HAVEN firmly keeps your door locked.
  • Penetration Testing – HAVEN is undergoing a series of inspections in accordance with the highest standards of commercial and government penetration testing.
  • Strength in Materials – HAVEN is manufactured from steel, glass reinforced nylon and aluminum.  These materials, coupled with strength analysis and demo tests, have proved HAVEN to be an extremely durable lock.


See HAVEN stand up to a boot, battering ram, and more.


The gateway to home automation, HAVEN gives homeowners total control to access and manage the system through their mobile devices. It has many features, but preventative security comes first.

  • Forced Entry and Real Time Alerts – HAVEN Smart Detect technology recognizes excessive force and automatically sends alerts to your mobile devices.
  • Home Automation – Sync HAVEN to other smart devices so that home activity, such as turning on lights, automatically triggers when suspicious activity arises.  As the Internet of Things space grows, so will HAVEN’s ability to trigger more events in your home.
  • Keyless Entry – Lock and unlock doors locally or remotely. Add a key fob and HAVEN will work in the event you don’t have your mobile device available.
  • Digital Key Sharing – Share digital keys and set permissions to activate and expire when you dictate.

**Update- HAVEN is working with several partners to evaluate and implement a wide variety of wireless communication options.  These include the following:

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave

We are committed to engineering the right wireless protocols into the device that have the broadest range of connectivity across the device spectrum for our clients.


To create a lock without a key or a traditional deadbolt mechanism, the HAVEN team worked with code inspectors, fire marshals, and contractors to establish multiple built-in redundancies.

  • Mobile device unlocking – Dedicated application ties to your HAVEN to ensure it only responds to the devices you identify.
  • Online Access Portal – If your phone is lost, unlock your home from any computer.
  • Power and Backup – In the event of a mechanical or power failure, two batteries and reciprocal wireless components ensure you can communicate with your HAVEN.
  • Mechanical Release – A mechanical footplate automatically lowers the lift gate in case of an emergency.
Mechanical Foot Release
Mechanical Foot Release



  1. Measure:  HAVEN will come with a template to place in front of the threshold. This will ensure it aligns properly for mounting.
  2. Drill: Drill a hole in line with the template. Then use the provided lag bolts to secure the two mounting brackets.
  3. Install: Once the two mounting brackets are secured to the floor, HAVEN will latch into place.

For more detailed installation instructions, visit Havenlock.com/FAQ.



After multiple break-ins in their neighborhood, Alex and Clay were motivated to replace an aging piece of security technology–the deadbolt. When Alex was serving as an Army aviator in Iraq, he recognized that the most important buildings were fortified by either simple, steel gates or electronically activated pylon barriers. He had an idea for a home friendly product and after some initial research, concept sketches, and customer validation, HAVEN was born. From there, an expert team rallied around the movement.

As the team worked on development, we kept three core pillars in mind:

1. Strength in Materials and Lean Design

2. Reliability, Safety, and Security

3. Simplifying Your Digital Life


First Concept
First Concept
Second Concept
Second Concept
Engineering CAD Drawing
Engineering CAD Drawing
Board Dev
Board Dev
Chipset Testing
Chipset Testing
HAVEN Post Machine Shop
HAVEN Post Machine Shop
Working Prototype
Working Prototype


Our focus is to ensure HAVEN is beautifully designed, strong, and reliable. We have the right talent to make it happen, including American special operations veterans, serial entrepreneurs, and experts in engineering, board development, manufacturing, and quality control.

We have meticulously poured over producers, component manufacturing, and digital service providers that will help us bring the final product to your door step.

We have strong relationships with large manufacturing partners to assist with quality control, testing, and sourcing.

We have best-in-class electronic component and board producers to make HAVEN connect to your digital life.

We have all the right tools to exceed your expectations with HAVEN, and the plan to make it happen:

Our timeline has been built to ensure that you get your product on time. We have built in time to account for delays in production, certification and component problems.  If we exceed our project management timeline goals the result is simple – you get your HAVEN early! We will hold regular podcasts explaining our progress and delays if there are any so you understand where we are in the process to bring you HAVEN.


We understand the risk that you take when deciding to commit your hard-earned money to a Kickstarter campaign.  We believe in customer service that is reinforced through positive, open communication with each backer who decides to support our campaign.  Alex and Clay will be doing a monthly webcast/podcast that will be posted on the HAVEN webpage to keep everyone up to date with the project.  They will provide information updates to keep you informed on the progress of the project as well as new product and company developments.


HAVEN was motivated by the need to make people’s homes safer and more secure. This campaign is about standing up for a technology that revolutionizes a product genre that hasn’t fundamentally changed in over 70 years. Help us change home security forever. Thank you for believing in us and welcoming HAVEN into your home.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter


Any good project is not without its friction points. Below are those points that we have identified and will mitigate through proper planning, sound judgement, and appropriate attention.

Manufacturing – Establishing the proper toolsets and purchasing the molds are the most costly and time-consuming aspects of this process. We have a team of experts who are well-versed in working with large scale manufacturing companies to bring specialty products to market. We are also working with tooling manufacturers, 3rd party engineering firms and advanced manufacturing companies who have a proven track record of quality and on time delivery. Our supplier partners have been vetted and scored based upon on-time delivery and quality control metrics.

Product Adjustments – As HAVEN takes the next leap in the production process, we anticipate some adjustments in materials and design to ensure proper manufacturing. We plan to incorporate supporter feedback into the final design and have built in time to fine-tune the details.

Fulfillment – No one likes delays in shipping due to poor planning on the project management’s part. We will have primary and backup producers identified that meet our strict requirements for quality control and on-time delivery. We will host monthly podcasts/webcasts for our backers updating them on the production process and 3rd party development.

Technology Certification – The FCC certification process takes time. We are using components from companies that have already stood the test of this process which will make certification approval less daunting. We have been working with multiple chipset developers and are confident we have the right components that will help mitigate this challenge.

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