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The 16×2 Character LCDs have their own limitations; they can only display characters of certain dimensions. The Graphical LCDs are thus used to display customized characters and images. The Graphical LCDs find use in many applications; they are used in video games, mobile phones, lifts etc. as display units. ¬†Various graphical LCDs are available in the market with different sizes. Here JHD12864E Graphical LCD has been explained. This LCD has a display format of 128×64 dots and has yellow-green colour backlight. Each LCD needs a controller to execute its internal operations. This LCD uses two KS0108 controllers.


The 128×64 LCD is divided into two equal halves with each half being controlled by a separate KS0108 controller. Such LCDs (using KS0108 controller) involve paging scheme, i.e., whole LCD is divided equally into pages. The paging scheme of the graphical LCD can be easily understood from the following table.

  1. 128×64 LCD implies 128 columns and 64 rows. In total there are (128×64 = 1024) pixels.
  2. 128×64 LCD is divided equally into two halves. Each half is controlled by a separate controller and consists of 8 pages. In above diagram, CS stands for Controller Select.
  3. Each page consists of 8 rows and 64 columns. So two horizontal pages make 128 (64×2) columns and 8 vertical pages make 64 rows (8×8).

Pin Description:


Pin no. Function Name
1 Ground (0 V) Vss
2 Supply voltage; 5V Vcc
3 Contrast adjustment Vo
4 High to display data; Low for instruction code Register select (RS)
5 Low to write to the register; High to read from the register Read/Write (R/W)
6 Reads data when high; Writes data at high to low transition (falling edge) Enable (EN)

8-bit data pins

8 DB1
9 DB2
10 DB3
11 DB4
12 DB5
13 DB6
14 DB7
15 Chip selection for IC1; Active high CS1
16 Chip selection for IC2; Active high CS2
17 Reset signal; Active low RST
18 Output voltage for LCD driving Vout
19 Backlight VCC (5V) LED A
20 Backlight Ground (0V) LED K


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