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Hello to you today Arduino compatible development board can be programmed with geothings product yet received the order from the front leaving the market seems to have already attracted a lot of interest in the case. Geothings internet is a platform consisting of sensors and associated equipment. Through the use of DIY projects to be compatible with the Arduino it is pretty easy.


Geothings built-in GPS and mobile connectivity, solar, cloud support, ultra-low-power cars with programmable development kartıdır.s proof feature is compatible with Arduino, trucks, garden, boats, pets, wildlife, helium balloons, is connected to the floating device.



  • @ 16MHz 5V processor atmega328p
  • Arduino digital and analog pins
  • 3.3V and 5V regulated power output for sensors
  • 100% compatible with the Arduino Arduino IDE support (OSX / Windows / Linux on any IDE version)
  • Free API access and free mobile tracking APP geoapp
  • (For mobile and tablets) Free geoapp development kit
  • Built-in GPS and 2G / 3G chips
  • Internal antennas (GPS and 2G / 3G), an external antenna should
  • The battery protection circuit
  • Rainproof solar panel casing and includes all packages
  • 1000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery


Geothings is supported by very efficient solar cells have low energy consumption.

geo thing 1


It is used with more than 200 sensors.

  • Accelerometer, Location, & IMU gyro sensors
  • Joystick sensors
  • Medicine, pulse, pressure, oxygen sensors
  • Motion detection sensors
  • Light, UV, color sensors
  • Voltage and current sensors.
  • Pollution sensors
  • Gas sensors
  • Water sensors
  • Position sensors
  • Agricultural sensors

How can we use?

1. Create your account.

2. Install the Arduino sketch device and plug any sensor.

Download geothings App Store.

All of this far after few minutes you will begin receiving information on your mobile phone.

geo thing 2Geothings: Cloud Platform

You can work with the mobile applications through the cloud paltform geothings.

geo thing 3Smart World

geo thing 3With geothings What can we do?

  • Cat, dog or animal to follow you if you send a message out of the house’s garden.
  • By measuring the dryness of the soil in your garden you out automatically opens the water valve accordingly.
  • Set up your own weather station.
  • Integrated GPS and measure everything everywhere through mobile connections


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