General Safety Precautions while Working in a Workshop


General Safety Precautions while Working in a Workshop

1. One should not leave the machine ON even after the power is OFF and until it has stopped running completely. Someone else may not notice that the machine is still in motion and be injured.

2. Operator should not talk to other industrial persons when he is operating a machine.

3. One should not oil, clean, adjust or repair any machine while it is running. Stop the machine and lock the power switch in the OFF position.

4. One should not operate any machine unless authorized to do so by the authorize person in the shop.

5. Always check that work and cutting tools on any machine are clamped securely before starting.

6. The floor should be kept clean and clear of metal chips or curls and waste pieces. Put them in the container provided for such things. Scraps and chips or curls may cut through a shoe and injure the foot.

7. Defective guards must be replaced or repaired immediately.

8. One should not operate any machinery when the supervisor or instructor is not in the shop.

9. All set screws should be of flush or recessed type. Projecting set screws are very dangerous because they catch on sleeves or clothing.

10. One should not try to stop the machine with hands or body.

11. Only trained operator should operate machine or switches as far as possible.

12. Always take help for handling long or heavy pieces of material.

13. Always follow safe lifting practices

14. No one should run in the shop at work time.

15. Always keep your body and clothes away from moving machine parts. Get first aid immediately for any injury.

16. Never talk to anyone while operating the machine, nor allow anyone to come near you or the machine.

17. Stop the machine before making measurements or adjustments.

18. Operator should concentrate on the work and must not talk unnecessarily while operating the machines.

19. Never wear necktie, loose sweater, wristwatch, bangles, rings, and loose fitting clothing while working in workshop.

20. Always wear overcoat or apron.

21. Stop machines before attempting to clean it.

22. Make sure that all guards are in their place before starting to operate a machine.

23. Do not attempt to operate a machine until you have received operating instructions.

24. Be thoroughly familiar with the ‘stop’ button and any emergency stop buttons provided on the machines.

25. Remove burrs, chips and other unwanted materials as soon as possible. They can cause serious cuts.

26. Do not leave loose rags on machines.

27. Wash your hands thoroughly after working to remove oils, abrasive particles, cutting fluid, etc.

28. Report all injuries to the foreman, howsoever small. Cuts and burns should be treated immediately.

29. Keep the work area clean.

30. Keep your mind on the job, be alert, and be ready for any emergency.

31. Always work in proper lighting.

32. On should not lean against the machines.

Reference Introduction to basic Manufacturing Processes and Workshop Technology by Rajender Singh.

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