General Safety Guidelines while Working on Grinding Machines


General Safety Guidelines while Working on Grinding Machines


1. Grinding wheels badly worn or cracked should be replaced.

2. The grinding wheel should be properly balanced while mounting.

3. One should ensure that no combustible or flammable materials are nearby that could be ignited by sparks generated by grinding wheels during grinding operations.

4. One should allow the grinding wheel to reach full speed before stepping it into the grinding position. Faulty wheels usually break at the start of an operation.

5. Always use the face of the grinding wheel that is meant for grinding.

6. One should slowly move job-pieces across the face of wheel in a uniform manner. This will keep the wheel sound.

7. Grinding wheels should be checked properly timely for soundness. Suspend the wheel on a string and tap it. If the wheel rings, it is probably sound.

8. One should not use a grinding wheel that has been dropped or dealt with a heavy blow, even if there is no apparent damage.

9. Before using a new grinding wheel, let it run for a few seconds at the full speed to check and make sure that it is perfectly balanced.

10. One should not operate the grinding wheel beyond its bursting speed.

11. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct use of the grinding wheels.

12. Always wear goggles during grinding or allied processes.

Reference Introduction to basic Manufacturing Processes and Workshop Technology by Rajender Singh.

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