Flywheel Based Battery Charger Mechanical Project

  • This project, as name suggest is about fabrication of a battery charger that uses flywheel for the purpose.
  • In its simple construction the project model uses a flywheel made up of steel, MDF, iron etc. basically the flywheel is made using two and more component for durability and cost saving. This flywheel is made to run by human power, which is transmitted to the same using paddle, sprocket, chain and free wheel mechanism.
  • The mechanical power from this flywheel is then transmitted to the electricity generator using transmission that multiplicities the speed of flywheel and then transmit it to the generator unit.
  • The mechanical power from the flywheel thus gets converted into electric power that is there after stored in a secondary battery using a charging circuit that has various functionalities associated with it like wise overcharging protection, low discharge cut off, high voltage cut off, current back flow proofing etc.
  • The whole assembly is put together in a space frame made up of iron. As far as possible the frame is made portable and easy to carry. The capacity of the project can be varied from 1.5 volt battery charging to 12 volt battery charging. The size of the project work varies as that of capacity.
  • This project has very potential to considering commercial point of view. As load shedding is major on going issue in remote, rural as well as urban area. This device can perform well for agricultural as home use. In urban area this device can also perform the work of exercising machine as well as can also be used for back to electricity.
  • Thus the device can play multiple roles in everyday life. The project work can be made on full scale as well as scale down version, but in both cases the project is fully functional or working in nature.

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