First Aid


First Aid

Even after taking all necessary safety precautions and measures, sometimes accidents may also occur in industries. After major or minor accidents, an injured worker requires immediate preliminary treatment in the absence of same his condition may become highly critical. To take care of such situations, industries must employ full time, at least a medical person who has successfully completed his Red-Cross First-Aid Course, and who can give preliminary treatment to the injured person.

First Aid

The injured person may later on be shifted safely to the nearby hospital through the ambulance or otherwise through any vehicle or by other means as per the availability of mode of transportation. Besides the above service, a first-aid personnel should take care of those workers or employees who come across injury by minor cuts, burns or electric shock. The first aid provider should bring the victim in first aid room for further treatment. In case of fatal injury first aid provider should call the doctor as soon as possible or to arrange the ambulance for taking the victim to the hospital. He should deal the victim with full sympathy and make early arrangement to call the family member or some responsible member so that adequate arrangements can be made in hospital for the due care of the victim. If breathing has stopped, he or she should be provided artificial respiration immediately.

First Aid

For first aid services, a first-aid box containing the following items is always kept ready during working hours in the shops or nearby working places where there are chances accidents to occur.

First Aid

Items of a First-Aid Box

Sr. No. Items Name (Quantity)

(i) Pair of scissors (1)

(ii) Large size sterilized dressings (12)

(iii) Medium size sterilized dressings (12)

(iv) Small sized sterilized dressings (24)

(v) Large size burn dressings (12)

(vi) Packets of sterilized cotton wool (2)

(vii) Rolled bandages 10 cm wide (12)

(viii) Rolled bandages 5 cm wide (12)

(ix) Bottle (4 oz) of salvolative having the doze and made of administration indicated on label (1)

(xi) Safety pins (2 packets)

(xi) Eye drops (1 small bottle)

(xii) Adhesive plaster (2 roller)

(xiii) 4 oz bottle containing KMnO4 crystals, etc. (2)

(xiv) 4 oz bottle containting a 2% alcoholic solution (1)

(xv) Betadine ointment (50mg) (1)

(xvi) Saframycine ointment (50mg) (1)

(xvii) Detol (1)

Reference Introduction to basic Manufacturing Processes and Workshop Technology by Rajender Singh.

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