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Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication



Hardware and Software Specification


Block Diagram

Here we propose a fingerprint based examination hall authentication system. The system is designed to pass only users verified by their fingerprint scan and block non verified users. Our system consists of a fingerprint scanner connected to a microcontroller circuit. The person needs to first scan his finger on the scanner. The microcontroller now checks the persons fingerprint validity. If the fingerprint is authorized the microcontroller now sends a signal to a motor driver. The motor driver now operates a motor to open a gate. This ensures only authorized users are allowed to enter the examination section and un authorized users are not allowed to enter.

How does fingerprint sensor (authentication) technology work?
Fingerprint authentication is one of many biometric forms of human identification. A fingerprint sensor captures a digital image of a fingerprint pattern, normally at 500dpi (dots per inch) resolution in gray-scale using 8 bits per dot.

First, one fingerprint image (or more) is registered on the device used to perform the authentication (e.g., a personal computer with integrated fingerprint scanner), and a template of the fingerprint is stored on a local database.

When users want to log in, they must have their registered finger scanned again, and a second template is generated. Next, a pattern analysis is performed to determine if there is a match and if the logon should be allowed.


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