Microcontroller Based City Locator using GPS and LCD

Microcontroller Based City Locator using GPS and LCD

Microcontroller Based City Locator using GPS and LCD The GPS receiver is used to get accurate geographical location by receiving information from satellites. It receives...
Intel Edison

5 great projects to launch you into the Intel Edison adventure!

5 great projects to launch you into the Intel Edison adventure! We’ve scoured the Net looking for fun projects using the Intel Edison board, and...

8051/ 8052 Microcontroller


ABSTRACT AIM: The aim of this project is to develop a billing solution for Energy consumption just like pre-paid taxi, mobile phone, petro card etc.   DESCRIPTION: The present...


A microcontroller is a small computer (SoC) on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals. Program memory in the form of Ferroelectric RAM, NOR flash or OTP ROM is also often included on chip, as well as a typically small amount of RAM.

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You will also find different microcontroller tutorial, in which you will find basic of microcontroller, microprocessor vs microcontroller, etc.

Below is the basic difference between microcontroller and microprocessor.

Microprocessor Micro Controller
1G mobile phone
1G mobile phone
Microprocessor is heart of Computer system. Micro Controller is a heart of embedded system.
It is just a processor. Memory and I/O components have to be connected externally Micro controller has external processor along with internal memory and i/O components
Since memory and I/O has to be connected externally, the circuit becomes large. Since memory and I/O are present internally, the circuit is small.
Cannot be used in compact systems and hence inefficient Can be used in compact systems and hence it is an efficient technique
Cost of the entire system increases Cost of the entire system is low
Due to external components, the entire power consumption is high. Hence it is not suitable to used with devices running on stored power like batteries. Since external components are low, total power consumption is less and can be used with devices running on stored power like batteries.
Most of the microprocessors do not have power saving features. Most of the micro controllers have power saving modes like idle mode and power saving mode. This helps to reduce power consumption even further.
Since memory and I/O components are all external, each instruction will need external operation, hence it is relatively slower. Since components are internal, most of the operations are internal instruction, hence speed is fast.
Microprocessor have less number of registers, hence more operations are memory based. Micro controller have more number of registers, hence the programs are easier to write.
Microprocessors are based on von Neumann model/architecture where program and data are stored in same memory module Micro controllers are based on Harvard architecture where program memory and Data memory are separate
Mainly used in personal computers Used mainly in washing machine, MP3 players