Design and Fabrication Of Agricultural Cutter Using 4 Bar Mechanism Report Download 


Agriculture is one of the oldest professions but the development and use of machinery has made the job title of farmer a rarity. Instead of every person having to work to provide food for themselves, smaller portion of our population today works in agriculture, the smaller portion provides considerably more food than the other can eat. The basic technology of agricultural machines has changed little in the last century with the coming of the Industrial Revolution and the development of more complicated machines. In this work design and fabricate the automatic mechanical cutter by using crank and slotted lever mechanism, for cutting agricultural products like sugarcane for cultivation. The present work to fabricate a machine which is simple in construction than the existing machines. The equipment make the use of crank and slotted lever mechanism with one slider to couple with an electric motor using pulley and belt drive.
The working principle behind the operation of simple mechanical cutting machine is four bar chain
mechanism particularly crank and slotted lever mechanism. The crank wheel is rotated by the motor through the pulley belt assembly. The rotating motion the crank wheel is converted into oscillating motion by the coupling link by using the slider. The oscillating motion at the other end of the coupling link is converted into reciprocating motion to the blade by using guide hole. Therefore the rotating motion of the crank wheel is converted into reciprocating motion to the blade through the coupling link. The object to be cut is place on the platform. Due to the reciprocating motion of the blade, the object placed on the platform is cutter for successfully transmitting the rotational motion from the motor to the crank with minimum slip v-belt drive is used. The bearing which supports
the shaft is rolling ball bearing for smooth operation. by using 110 watt power single phase a.c induction motor, this machine can able to reciprocates approximately 250 times per minute.
Principle of Operation:
 In Both Induction And Synchronous Motors, The Ac Power Supplied To The Motor’s Stator Creates A Magnetic Field That Rotates In Time With The Ac Oscillations. Whereas A Synchronous Motor’s Rotor Turns At The Same Rate As The Stator Field, An Induction Motor’s Rotor Rotates At A Slower Speed Than The Stator Field. The Induction Motor Stator’s Magnetic Field Is Therefore Changing Or Rotating Relative To The Rotor. This Induces An Opposing Current In The Induction
  1. It is very easy to operate. 
  2. The design is simple.
  3. Less maintenance. 
  4. Initial cost of the machine is very low. 
  5. Quick processing. No need of skilled labours. Less floor space required.
  1. Not suitable for cutting hard materials. 
  2. Electric power supply should be available.
 Used to cut sugarcane and kappa of required size for cultivation. With less modification in this
machine, we can use this to cut wooden pieces of required size for boilers. By coupling a conveyor mechanism, it automatically feed the object to be cut for large scale cutting.

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