Grass Cutter

In agricultural fields or in nursery or even in house hold growing grass is commonly found problem. Removal of the grass is also a tedious job involving lot of human efforts. In the modern world as time for carrying out any thing has reduced drastically so as to be done the removal of grass involving use of a machine.


This machine can be called as grass cutter. Depending on its variants it can be termed differently like solar powered battery powered etc.
In its simple construction a very high speed motor is connected to an end of a holding rod that is hang with a shoulder and held with hand to the free end of this rod a battery pack is attached. Also a solar panel can be attached to charge the batteries there by making the grass cutter run with the help of solar energy.


The cutter used is actually a flexible wire that cuts the grass with high speed rotation. The high speed rotation of the blades along with the centrifugal force acted on it due to its minimal weight enable the flexible plastic wires cut the grass easily despite being not any hard and sharp material which is generally associated with any cutting blades.
Parts :
This project is constructed using an electrical motor, battery pack, cutting assembly, supporter rod, etc.
Working Of The Grass Cutter:
Multi Agri Cutter is the new innovative and effective concept mainly used for agricultural field. It is simple in construction and the working process is very easy. And it is mostly used in the agricultural field for the cutting of crops, sugarcane, wooden pieces and etc..,
The below items are used in this equipment

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