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Arduino Clap Switch

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Before you get started, just a bit of theory and a few words about how to build. The Arduino shall listen via the connected “Sound Sensor” systematically whether a particularly high volume level (=peak) is present. This peak is generated by you due clapping your hands. If this peak occurs 2 times in a given period of time, the Arduino switches a relay (led), which then turns on the connected bedside lamp. Due to the relay(LED)  and the photocoupler on the relay board we also achieve a galvanic isolation between the microcontroller and the bedside lamp.

More about the program logic will follow in a later section of the article. Now it’s time for the wiring. The figure ahead and the following table should be self-explanatory. If you still have questions about cabling, let me know in the comments.

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Arduino Nano Sound Sensor
5V +5V
Arduino Nano Relay Modul
D4 IN2


Once again with a small Arduino project.In this project I try to explain when we finish some work and clap, than your light should switch On and Off.

The project comes in my mind from my personal experience, in which I found myself for some time and which looked like this: You want to go into the bed at night, but firstly you must turn on the light of the bedroom to be able to find the switch of the bedside lamp. Then you switched on the bedside lamp and run to the bedroom’s door again to turn off the bedroom light. You already notice the bedroom light is really just a means to an end.

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As a clever Electronics scientists and hobbyists, one feels as though their relentless drive to optimize the process “light on” and so was born the following fine-tuning on my bedside lamp.

Now, when entering the bedroom, I can directly turn on the bedside lamp using dual clapping and thus save myself the unnecessary way to the bed and back again to the door to turn off the bedroom light. That may sound like a merciless laziness and I can already see the first of you throw your hands up in despair, but it is here primarily to the tinkering that warms my nerd heart.

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Note: Here I Do Not used Relay Module.

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