Characteristic of Metal Powders

Characteristic of Metal Powders

Characteristic of Metal Powders

Characteristic of Metal Powders

The performance of powder metallurgical parts is totally dependent upon the characteristics of metal powders. Most important characteristics of metal powders are powder particle size, size distribution, particle shape, purity, chemical composition, flow characteristics and particle microstructure. Some of the important properties are discussed as under.

Powder particle size and size distribution

Particle size of metal powder is expressed by the diameter for spherical shaped particles and by the average diameter for non-spherical particle as determined by sieving method or microscopic examination. Metal powders used in powder metallurgy usually vary in size from 20 to 200 microns. Particle size influences density/porosity of the compact, mold strength, permeability, flow and mixing characteristics, dimensional stability, etc. Particle size distribution is specified in terms of a sieve analysis i.e. the amount of powder passing through 20 or 40 mesh sieves.

Particle shape

There are various shapes of metal powders namely spherical, sub-rounded, rounded, angular, sub-angular, flakes etc. Particles shape influences the packing and flow characteristics of the powders.

Chemical composition

Chemical composition of metallic powder implies the type and percentage of alloying elements and impurities. It usually determines the particle hardness and compressibility. The chemical composition of a powder can be determined by chemical analysis methods.

Particle microstructure

Particle microstructure reveals various phases, inclusions and internal porosity.

Apparent density

Apparent density is defined as the weight, of a loosely heated quantity of powder necessary to fill a given die cavity completely.

Flow characteristics

Flow-ability of metal powders is most important in cases where moulds have to be filled quickly. Metal powders with good flow characteristics fill a mould cavity uniformly. Source Introduction of Basic Manufacturing Processes and Workshop Technology by Rajender Singh.

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