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Arduino Ethernet W5100 and Servo Motor

we have a test of Arduino, this time we are conducting a test of the W5100 Ethernet module, which has the ability to connect our Arduino projects to the Internet and our local area networks (LAN). What should you keep in mind to control a servo motor with an Arduino …

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LED Lighting

Introduction: In recent years we have heard a lot about LED lighting and the boom that has had this technology, so I wanted to make a small comparison test between an LED bulb and a fluorescent light bulb, with a light output in both bulbs 600Lm. what I did was …

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Arduino and RFID

Introduction: Communication through RFID is today one of the most used communications, from business cards to stickers income work that go into the products to be registered in logistics centers or market stores. RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a technology that allows you to store and deliver information and is generally …

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Types of sensors in arduino modules

Introduction: Today Arduino has taken great strength within the community of developers of electronic applications and disseminated a variety of modules that allow that arduino projects  will be much more agile and fun, that’s why then describe a list of sensors that can fit through modules to an Arduino development board. …

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