OpenTrons : Open-Source Rapid Prototyping for Biology


OpenTrons : Open-Source Rapid Prototyping for Biology by OpenTrons Accelerating research with open, affordable, & easy-to-use lab robots. We empower people to innovate with biotech. About this project OT.One This is the OT.One liquid handling robot, the core of OpenTrons’ rapid-prototyping platform for biotech. Shown below with a standard single …

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Point : A softer take on home security.

home security

Point: A softer take on home security. by Form Devices, Inc. Point is a smart house sitter. It listens to the sounds of your home, senses what’s in the air and lets you know if anything is wrong. About this project We found existing home security solutions too invasive. We …

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Spintires — The ultimate off-road challenge!


Spintires — The ultimate off-road challenge! Source : Kickstarter dot com About this project Download the demo by clicking here.  You maybe presented with a prompt from UAC, please click “YES” to this prompt. This prompt appears because the packaged hasn’t been signed by a publisher yet.  The technology demo …

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Everykey : The Wristband that Replaces Keys & Passwords


Everykey: The Wristband that Replaces Keys & Passwords by Everykey LLC Everykey is the wristband that replaces keys and passwords. It’s sleek, easy to use, and can be deactivated at any time. About this project Everykey is an innovative universal access device for everything that requires a physical key or password. …

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Microduino-Joypad: an open source 8-bit game console & more!


Microduino-Joypad is … an 8-bit game console + open source + UPin27 + AVR,STM32,MSP430,51 compatible + smart controller == Awesome! Microduino studio launched the first kickstarter in September 2013, introducing the brand new Arduino-compatible development board—Microduino. We achieved success with the unique Upin27 interface, compact size, rich expansion boards as …

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Charlotte: A modular real-time and time-lapse dolly system


Charlotte: A 3-in-1 motorized dolly including a cable, wheel and rail dolly that lets you create beautiful time lapses and live action videos. The Three Dollies Charlotte Motion Control is a camera dolly system that allows photographers and filmmakers to expand their motion control capabilities. I wanted to make a …

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Innovative robot: monitor & save the vanishing TIGERS!

Innovative robot

Innovative robot :  Healthy Tiger Population means Healthy Ecosystem. When animals at top of food-chain decline,It indicates entire ecosystem is in trouble Aveneesh Mathur was a student of the University of New South Wales in Australia who just finished his degree in Computer Science specialized in Robotics. His passion is …

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Pixel Plane – modular RGB LED Tiles

pixel plane

[Pixel Plane] Square Tiles with individually addressable RGB LEDs. Hook it up to an optional ethernet controller and run it with open source software.  Introduction PixelPlane is a lego-like LED system for building your own dynamic super-bright, and big lighting walls. We are pretty excited to share our passion for …

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RGB Shades: Programmable LED Glasses

LED Glasses

LED Glasses : Wearable shutter shades with a bright full color pixel array you can see through! Incredible, hackable, and Arduino- compatible. You’ll make these look good. We’re excited to announce our newest piece of wearable electronics: RGB LED Shades! They’re colorful, bright, hackable, and the pinnacle of conversation-starting technology. …

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