Board to Board Connector


Board-to-board (BTB) connectors as the name indicates is used for connecting circuits board together. This kind of connectors are suitable for stacking circuits boards one over another. Flat flexible cables can be avoided using these kinds of connectors; moreover it makes the entire unit more compact. The commonly used BTB connectors are SMT connectors and Berg Strip. We will discuss about them in detail in the following section.


Surface Mount Technology (SMT) connector is a commonly found board-to-board connector in advanced circuit boards. As the name indicates this connector is available only in surface mount model. It is carefully mounted on to the solder pads on the surface of the PCB.


Male and female SMT connector

The image of a SMT male female pair is shown in the above figure. As you can see it has very fine pitch and hence occupies very small surface area of the PCB. It has very small height and hence the boards can be stacked together as closely as possible.

SMT connectors male and female soldered to two boards


SMT connectors are ideal candidate for miniaturization due to their small area of occupancy and stacking height. They are suitable for double layered or multilayered PCBs. They are designed for high performance and reliability.

They commonly found in advanced circuit boards in networking equipment, telephones, mobile phones, computers and other consumer electronics.

Sample specification:

Contact resistance ———————— 50 mille ohm

Withstanding voltage ——————– 150 V AC

Insulation resistance ——————— >500 mega ohms

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