Payment Criterion

The maximum payout per work will be USD 100/INR 6000. Our teams will inform you about the payouts once your work has been accepted. The fixed price is USD 100 and the corresponding value in Rupee may vary.The payouts are dependent on following parameters:

  • Originality & uniqueness of the article.
  • Quality of Explanation and depth of coverage.
  • Presentation (includes images, structure, block diagram, videos, algorithms etc.)

Payments will be done via direct account transfer/paypal. The bank details will be collected by our teams on the acceptance of your first work under this program.

Apart from the regular payout you can fringe other benefit after submitting certain work pieces for your other projects.


No. of projects







500+Free half yearly subscription 1000 +Free full year subscription


10$+ Free half yearly subscription 15$ +Free full year subscription





For any query/questions/doubts please feel free to write to us at