Arduino Mega 2560


Perhaps one of the most complete modules designed for the Arduino development team, is undoubtedly a complete module, which complies with the required features and more to develop our projects.

Although we focus too much on describing the benefits of this module, because in the official website of Arduino do very well, we describe some key features to keep in mind when developing.


Key Features:

It has 54 Digital I / O, which is great when you want to control devices such as LCD screens in parallel communicationin addition, 15 of these 54 outputs can be used in the PWM mode, has 16 analog inputs that open the possibility to work with different types of temperature sensors, flow, pressure, among others. Also has 4 ports to use with UARTs  serial communication , it has a crystal of 16Mhz, allowing an acceptable speed and can be powered through the USB port or the power source connector.


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