Arduino Bluetooth HC-06



Today we introduce you to one of the devices That to my view is one of the devices with higher Capacities and not by the number of inputs or outputs you have, if not for his Ability to use Hundreds of applications in electronics. The HC-06 module is a module That Allows With the bluetooth communication protocol, that works on the 2.4Ghz band and Allows the communication of voice and data over a wireless network called WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) by its acronym in Inglés of Wireless Personal Area Network, that Allows us to Develop Projects with our cell phone or other device to work under the same protocol.


The Bluetooth module has a coverage range of 10m and 30m Between ACCORDING to manufacturer’s specifications, can operate at 3.3V or 5.0V, that Gives it a great advantage if we want to Develop a low-power project Easily Which May be fired with a pair of AA batteries with a time of significant duration. This module Consists of only four pin Connection, Aliemntacion or VCC, GND, pin TX RX transmission and reception, that is another advantage When you deploy, you May not communicate with a microcontroller development board using the Arduino or famous or UART serial communication, just enough September to the serial communication rate, 8 data bits and the parity bit, is really very simple to how you can in Place project and the Speed ​​With Which be put to work make it one of the Most versatile and simple devices on the market, and if it is cost, This module can be found on the market for less than 10 dollars.

There are other models That predate the HC-06 and depend on the needs of the designer to determine Which is the perfect module for your project, but Among the main Differences Between the HC-05 and HC-06 module is the former That Allows it can be used as master and slave device.

The Following table  According To reference if the module can be used as a master, slave, or both:

HC-03 Programmable Master / Slave
HC-04S Slave
HC-04M Master
HC-05 Programmable Master / Slave
HC-06S Slave
HC-06M Master

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