Arduino 7 Segment Display Interfacing


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The 7-Segment Display

7-Segment displays are another common component in the world of electronics. These displays have 8 LEDs split into different segments designed to be able to display numerals from 0-9 and a dot.  All The LEDs have a common ground / supply line. There are 5 pins at the top and 5 pins at the bottom. The middle pins in the top and bottom are connected to each other internally and have to be connected to Ground / Supply depending upon the type of the 7-segment Display. You can control each segment like an individual LED. However, this method of controlling the 7-segment LED to display numbers would be hectic. So, we will use a technique called Port Manipulation. Pins on the Arduino are grouped together as a PORT. You can control a whole PORT at a time. Read the following write up on the Arduino website before you proceed => Port Manipulation

The 7-Segment Display is a Common Cathode Type.

Place the 7-segment Display on the Breadboard.

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