Analog sensor based project on Arduino Lilypad

arduino lilypad

Analog sensor based project on Arduino Lilypad.




arduino lilypad

I am gonna post a small project in which we will see how to use arduino lilypad library and produce an Arduino Lilypad simulation in Proteus. In this Arduino Lilypad simulation in Proteus, I am gonna use the Arduino Lilypad board along with few LED lightsand will make them blink.


Its also quite easy and you can also download the simulation and the hex file at the end of this project but I would suggest you to do it yourself so that you learn something out of it.

Before starting this project, you must have first integrated the Arduino Lilypad Library as without it you wont be abe to do this project. So, if you haven’t downloaded it yet then send me request for source of Arduino Lilypad library in Proteus.

[sam id=”5″ codes=”true”]

You can clearly see in the Diagram tab, the Arduino Lilypad Simulation in Proteus. After that you need to write a code for Arduino Lilypad so that you could get the hex file for it.

In this project, I have used five LED lights and make them ON and OFF using the switch button. If the button is not pressed then the LEDs will remain ON and when you hit the button , the LEDs will go OFF.

[sam id=”3″ codes=”true”]




[sam id=”3″ codes=”true”]

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]

You can download or understand how to install arduino library in proteus, for detail click below link

Arduino proteus library.


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