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An Electronic Voting System through Touch Screen Interface




The main objective of this project is to develop an embedded system, which is a an electronic voting machine using touch panel



This project is implemented 8051 based At89s52 developed board interfaced with touch panel and LCD for displaying the data.



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Electronic voting (also known as e-voting) is an advanced project and also it was not yet implemented by any government of India. Now a days rigging and re-elections are very common situations in our society. That’s the reason why we are implementing our project to avoid those things.

In the project there is an embedded system based microcontroller board placed at the voting spot to which an EEPROM, touch panel and LCD are interfaced. An EEPROM is interfaced to the microcontroller which is used to store the party details with their respective codes and it will also store the number of votes of the parties. By using touch panel we can vote for the particular party. As soon the voting process is completed the number of votes count of each party is displays on the LCD connected to it. Votes count will be automatically updated and the updated count will be displayed on the LCD.

The system uses a compact circuitry build around flash version of at89s52 microcontroller with a non volatile memory. Programs are developed using embedded c, compiled using ride tool. Isp is used to dump the code into microcontroller.



Embedded ‘C’

RIDE to write code

ISP to burn the chip




At89s52 based our own developed board

Power Supply

Touch panel





Low cost, automated operation, Low Power consumption.



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